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The Looming Democratic Crack-up

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The widespread rejection of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid record of the past two years is forcing even more Democratic incumbents into desperate defenses of what ought to be safe seats.

Rather than defend their votes on Obamacare, the “stimulus,” the takeover of GM, the vast spending, cap-and-tax and card check, Democrats are doing all they can do to change the subject from what they have done to what the evil Chamber of Commerce might have done in league with foreign money.

Truly, it is astonishing. What could Team Obama be thinking?

In an interview with me yesterday, Karl Rove suggested one possible explanation:

I think they want to have an alternative narrative as to why they’re getting beaten so bad. They’re going to get beaten this badly this November because they’ve got bad policies, whether it’s spending, the stimulus, deficit, health care. You name it, their policies have, the American people have had it with them. So what they want is a counter-narrative. And the counter-narrative is the election was stolen by foreign campaign contributions funneled through the Chamber of Commerce, or gotten out by those evil-doers, Rove and Gillespie.

That makes some sense, but it is also a measure of the Democrats’ desperation that they would launch so desperate and convoluted an attack more than a week after absentee voting had begun across the country and in a way that cannot provide any certain benefit to any single candidate.

The White House must be looking at terrible polling numbers to pull out such a bizarre charge.

Over at the Beltway insiders are buzzing about whether the White House tactics are psychologically good for the president and his team. This is Alice-in-Wonderland stuff, completely divorced from the verystrong currents driving the electorate. Last night Dennis Prager and I held a townhall in Ontario California with more than 400 people, and as was the case with the townhall I moderated Sunday with Meg Whitman and Rudy Giuliani, the voters who are coming to such gatherings are motivated by a deep, deep concern over the direction of the country and the hard-left policies of the president and his Congressional allies.

The biggest concern is that the GOP, if given back one or both majorities on the Hill, will be timid or slow.

I don’t think you can find anyone attending a rally over the recently cooked-up allegations of foreign money. Nor can you find many Democrats enthusiastically defending the president’s program and demanding more of his medicine for all that ails us.

With three weeks to go, all one party wants to talk about what the president, Pelosi and Reid have done these past two years.

The other party wants to talk about anything except that record.

And that tells you everything you need to know about election 2010.



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