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The List: The Top 20 Campaigns In Which To Invest Time and Money Between Now and November

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With just about 40 days to go to the election –less, actually, as voting starts very soon by absentee in many places– it becomes crucial to target time and money to key races. This is my suggested list of candidates to support. You can donate up to $2,400 per candidate in federal races and more in most state races, but many people like to contribute to multiple campaigns, so I am listing them with the assumption that some folks want to donate $25, $50, $100 or more to many different campaigns.

Please note that I am not listing some great campaigns. John Thune, for example, is coasting in South Dakota, and though he may be the best conservative candidate in the country this cycle, he doesn’t need your money right now. That goes for Governor John Hoeven in North Dakota as well, running for U.S. Senate there and leading by about 100 points.

By contrast, John Kasich and Pat Toomey are both on the list and at the top no less, even though both have pretty good poll leads right now in their races for governor in Ohio and senator in Pennsylvania respectively. I strongly recommend them because they are building get-out-the-vote organizations that will help many down-ticket races for Congress. Please note as well that I only list one race per state so I am suggesting those races over their fine colleagues on the ticket –Rob Portman for senate in Ohio and Tom Corbett for governor in Pennsylvania– because Kasich and Toomey have tougher races at this point than Portman and Corbett. When there is both a competitive race for senate and governor in a state, I suggest sending money to the race which is closest in that state.

Finally, I do have some races like Carly Fiorina and Sharron Angle rated higher on the list because of the message a defeat of Boxer or Reid would bring and because of the expected surge of resources the left will throw against them in the next six weeks.

Dig deep. If the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda isn’t beaten now it will be next to impossible to uproot it in the years following 2012.

Before you make a single contribution, however, please do sign the pledge from Winning in November via the banner above at the top right of the page. We need people willing to phone and email between now and election day, and the Winning in November software is the best there is for targeting your campaign efforts to free market candidates.

1. John Kasich for governor in Ohio. You can donate online here.

2. Pat Toomey for senator in Pennsylvania. You can donate online here.

3. Marco Rubio for senator in Florida. You can donate online here.

4. Sharron Angle for senator in Nevada. You can donate online here.

5. Carly Fiorina for senator in California. You can donate online here.

6. Ken Buck for senator in Colorado. You can donate online here.

7. Scott Walker for governor in Wisconsin. You can donate online here.

8. Dino Rossi for senate in Washington State. You can donate online here.

9. Mark Kirk for senate in Illinois. You can donate online here.

10. Tom Emmer for governor in Minnesota. You can donate online here.

11. Rick Perry for governor in Texas. You can donate online here.

12. Roy Blunt for senate in Missouri. You can donate online here.

13. Kelly Ayotte for senate in New Hampshire. You can donate online here.

14. Nathan Deal for governor in Georgia. You can donate online here.

15. Chris Dudley for governor in Oregon. You can donate online here.

16. Joe Miller for senate in Alaska. You can donate online here.

17. Charlie Baker for governor in Massachusetts. You can donate online here.

18. Rand Paul for senate in Kentucky. You can donate online here.

19. Christine O’Donnell for senate in Delaware. You can donate online here.

20. Charles Djou for Congress in Hawaii. You can donate online here.

Djou is a sentimental choice, a USC grad whose second win after a triumph in the special election would totally upend Island State politics for a long time. C’mon Trojans. Open your wallets for this alum.



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