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The “Liberal” Iranians

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Iranian ex-pat blogger Hosssein Derakhshan was my guest on the first hour of the program today.  The transcript is here.

He is embarassed by Ahmadinejad, dismissive of the idea that the equally fanatical Ayatollah Yazdi will become the Supreme Religious Leader, and supportive of Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons.

When I pressed him on the Iranians supplying bombs to kill Americans in Iraq, this “liberal” Iranian gave  answers that unsettled a lot of listeners:

HH: If the United States struck across the Iranian border at the Quds forces who are preparing the IED’s that are being used to kill Americans in Iraq, what would the reaction in Iran be?

HD: The problem between Iran and the U.S. goes back to a long time ago, and I think the whole reason that Iran is making all this trouble is a way of defending itself against the United States that has never acknowledged the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic, and this revolution, whose main slogan was independence, freedom, and this mix of religious government which is very, actually close in terms of concept, the Israeli government wants to maintain a balance between democracy and religion. The U.S. have never acknowledged this regime, and this is very, very expected and normal reaction of the Iranians to try to defend itself, to try to maintain the independence and sovereignty, and they would of course do anything to prevent, or to decrease the likeliness of the U.S. attack, even if limited or invasion. And everything that Iran is doing in the region, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Palestine with Hamas, and in Lebanon with Hezbollah, is just a reaction to prevent some sort of preemptive thing that the U.S. would probably do on Iran the same way it did to Iraq. No Iranian wants to see what happened to Iraq in Iran, and I’m one of them, and I’ve actually written that…

HH: Hossein…

HD: …that if the U.S. attacked Iran, I would go back to Iran, and I would defend the Islamic Republic against the Americans.

HH: Is it legitimate for Iran to be sending weapons that kill Americans into Iraq right now, and possibly personnel as well, is that right for the regime to do?

HD: If you want to discuss human rights, killing any human being would not be legitimate anyway. But if you’re talking about the realities in the world now, it’s a war, and people get killed from both sides. Iran is fighting against the U.S. in Iraq, and this is a reality, and any other country would do the same thing.

HH: So you recognize that Iran is in fact sending weapons and fighters into Iraq to kill Americans?

HD: I didn’t recognize that, because I don’t have any strong evidence that suggests that Iran is actually doing that. But even if Iran was doing that, it would be totally, totally accepted on my side.

HH: And so, and you would rebuke the United States if the United States struck back in self defense against that intermeddling by Iranians in Iraq?

HD: Absolutely. It’s a war between Iran and the U.S. that’s happening actually in Iraq before it comes to Iran.

HH: So you believe that the United States and Iran are already at war?

HD: I think they are, and actually, this is not only in Iraq. They’re already at war in many other fronts.

HH: What other fronts?

HD: Including the Lebanon, which was basically between Israel and Hezbollah, but in reality, it was between Iran and the U.S. It was a proxy war.

Clarity is a wonderful thing.  Read the whole thing.

UPDATEThe transcript of the interview with Michael Yon, also interviewed today,  is available here.

UPDATE 2: From another Iranian ex-pat who requested the name be withheld:


I am a long time listener, ex-Iranian and a proud Reagan conservative American. I was disgusted by Mr. Derakhshan’s comments on your radio show on Friday. I am afraid your listeners may think his view points are the dominant view points. That is not the case by and stretch of imagination. I watch the Persian satellite programs here in Minnesota. Whenever the question of intervention of the American Military to stop the Islamic Republic comes up the overwhelming majority of the callers (from Iran) want direct military attack to get rid of this murderous regime. Not that this is a scientific poll, but it is quite evident that the majority of people do not want this backward system. Any election, even though the regime allows only pre-screened candidates to participate, has proven that people elect the less radical candidate.

Your guest appeared to support Mr. Rafsanjani. Even the liberal left-leaning Europeans have had enough of Mr. Rafsanjani and they were pushing to ban this man from traveling. For the so-called intellects such as Mr. Derakhasn it is fashionable to target the United States as the source of every problem in the World. The same intellectuals pounded their chest and yelled and screamed how murderous the Shah was. Well he was overthrown, thanks partially to Jimmy Carter, and look what happened. The rise of Islamic fundamentalism was initiated from the downfall of the Shah. In the purposeless Iran-Iraq war according to official reports about 1.5 million from both sides were killed. Freedom of religion, press and expression are non existent. What an audacity to call this regime “democratic”.

Hugh this man was representing the view point of the regime. They have figured out how to use the media in the West and they find a lot of common voice in the liberals. Blame America for every problem under the sun. That’s what this man was doing and that’s how the liberals portray every issue. A great comment I heard from James Woolsey was that “no matter what we do they will hate us. Not because of what we did, because of what we stand for”. Let’s not forget this. The blame America crowd is playing a dangerous game.

If I were you I would ask him one question: Mr. you created your ideal society and kicked out the Imperialist Americans. You have been “independent” for 27 years and have the billions of Oil money flowing in. You have eliminated all the corruption of the Shah. What do you have to show for? Show me your progress. Iran’s oil non-oil exports are practically non-existent. They were supposed to take over the world if the yoke of the imperialist and their agent, the Shah, was to be eliminated. Well, that happened. What did you do with all that freedom and money? The answer is now obvious: nothing but misery. Hugh, prostitution and drug use is in epidemic levels in Iran. People after the earth quake in Bam still do not have drinking water. Yet the regime sends millions to Hezbollah. The list goes on and on.

Please don’t give credibility to the agents of this corrupt regime. For 27 years they have chanted “death to US” in every occasion.

Thank you for everything that you are doing. Talk shows are becoming the beacon of hope for many people like myself.

I hope he is reading RegimeChangeIran as well.


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