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The Left Saddles Up Again

Monday, March 22, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Less than a day after setting the destruction of the unparalleled excellence of American medicine in motion, the Left pushes through the Senate Banking Committee another proposed massive expansion of government power.

Senate Republicans have to join together and just say “No” for the duration of 2010. They must declare that, except for appropriations bills, the huge lurch left represented by Obamacare requires a referendum at the polls, which November will bring. If the Democrats persuade the country to march towards European socialism, then they can have their banking overhaul in early 2011.

The same argument ought to apply to immigration, to cap-and-tax, and to every other major legislative initiative being pushed by the radicals in D.C. GOP senators have to insist that the blip of of the 2008 elections not be permitted to permanently disfigure the American Republic.

Even the moderate GOP senators must recognize what is going on here, which is a bums’ rush to the far left side of the American political spectrum.

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