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The Left In Shock: President Obama Was As Unprepared For The Debate As He Was For The Presidency

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Mitt Romney (left), President Barack Obama

The left online and on air savaged President Obama last night in a fit of anger that hasn’t ever been seen in relation to the president.

Smug superiority shattered is not very pretty and it will be a day or two before they get their collective blood pressure down and begin to figure out how to try to reclaim the situation. They feel as they may have lost not only the presidency but also the Senate and House last night, and worse for many of them, their own anticipatory gloating. As Jen Rubin pointed out, their guy came very close to “Al Gore-parody territory,” and their post-debate competition among his supporters to slam him the hardest may have pushed him into it. The recriminations will be interesting to watch.

From that anger with their candidate will come an even more intense anger with the man who embarrassed him and by extension them. Turns out the guy is very smart and tough, but he is still a Mormon so expect that nasty side of the left to surface with increasing venom mixed in.

And watch for the rollout of Operation Borrow A Vote. The left isn’t going easily into the night, and they won’t trust to their suddenly exposed candidate to stage his own comeback. The frenzy on display in the aftermath of the president’s comprehensive defeat last night will grow and grow as the calendar moves them towards a defeat in November.

The danger of the October Surprise increased dramatically last night as well, but the president’s complete rout makes it so naked a play that its effectiveness might be greatly diminished or even backfire. Nothing Romney can do about it in any event. He and Paul Ryan need to keep hammering away at the same themes, and whenever possible begin their replies to questions with “As I said at the first debate,” or “As Mitt Romney said at the first debate.”

This was the first opportunity in five years for Romney to go one-on-one with a single competitor, and to do so in a format that allowed for the time to communicate fully his ideas while his opponent was struggling to put together sentences. Jim Lehrer tried to help the president on a couple of occasions, but there was no saving the man. He was as unprepared for the debate as he was for the presidency.

Pro-Romney voters need to get their early votes in and encourage others to do so in all of the crucial swing states, and to realize that the map got much bigger last night as many conservatives saw a candidate they did not know they had and independents recognized a leader they know the country needs. Time to dig deep to keep the momentum going, which can be done via The Act Right button in the right column, and not just for Romney/Ryan but for the key Senate races as well. Be sure to hit the Commit to Vote 2012 button as well and make sure you are registered and then persuade your friends and family to do the same.

The country doesn’t have to endure four more years of hapless, feckless non-leadership. Mitt Romney demonstated last night what presidential leadership can look like again. Hopefully the last few people on the sidelines realize that.


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