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“The Lady’s Not for Turning.”

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If you missed the president’s message yesterday, you weren’t listening at all.  Our friends at the YG Network put it very bluntly in their summary posting on the speech and the challenges ahead.  Read it.

People can go home and pull up the covers or they can prepare for a long series of battles over the direction of America.  This isn’t just a set of arguments over how best to manage the country.  Given the profligacy of the left’s (and the president’s) vision it is an argument over whether we will go bankrupt and abandon the role of global leader that has been ours since the First World War.

Over at the ActRight button I have already listed a couple of the key campaigns of 2014.  The YG Action Fund is there, as are the already up-and-running campaigns of Shelly Moore Capito and Mike Rounds, two very qualified, high energy Republicans running for Democratic Senate seats.  The best way to answer the president is with a contribution to one of these folks.

With the Inauguration behind us –and even the most partisan defenders of the president would agree that in it he served notice that there isn’t going to be anything in the way of post-partisan-coming-together ahead—the GOP needs to order its arguments and its facts and then repeat them every day in every place that will have them even as the House GOP does the bulk of the work of refusing the president his ruinous enthusiasms.  Most of the president’s agenda won’t get out of the Senate –not with more than ten Democratic incumbents looking at 2014 with worry—but the real argument underway is whether the House should remain under GOP control in 2014 and President Obama’s enormous government vision (“big government” vision doesn’t really capture his ambition) turned back.

No matter what you think about the Speaker, friends, foes and those who go back-and-forth have to support keeping the GOP majority and the president showed you why yesterday.

Signs are that the House GOP retreat rallying around a message of purposeful opposition and no “grand bargains.”  Step one accomplished.  The GOP, in Baroness Thatcher’s famous phrase, “is not for turning.”

This will hopefully be the message of the National Review Institute this weekend.

“Not for turning” doesn’t mean “opposed to solutions.”  I’ll be on the side of forging an agreement on immigration reform, and others will probably be advocating for legislative solutions on various aspects of the Obamacare breakdown, which is underway with premiums surging, plans being dropped and states fleeing the exchanges. 

But abandonment of our insistence on a defense equal to the world’s threats and our rejection of anti-global warming schemes etc has to remain clear and easily understood.

Most mega-church pastors hand out outlines of their sermons, with blank spaces where the attentive worshiper fills in key points from the sermon.

This is a teaching device.  People of all faiths are much more apt to remember what they write down in context.

Even Republican Congressmen and their staffs.

Here is the outline:

Four enormous issues confront the United States:  _________, _________,_________, and _________.

On the first issue, the GOP can support first steps which include _________, __________, _________, and block granting of __________ to the states.  These steps are a start, not a solution, but we insist on starting here on steps almost all responsible people acknowledge must be taken before we discuss any other proposed measures.

On the second issue, we believe in a series of bills that will address _______, __________, and a path to __________.

Issues three and four are simple but potentially deadly threats, and must be understood that way.  The worldwide network of __________ and the growing power of _________ cannot be wished away, and both are checked only by the power of the United States military, which is badly underfunded and in need of immediate repair and replenishment.

That’s the intro, and the key facts in support of each proposition will follow.  The president took a very long time to say “send the feds lots more money yesterday as we retreat from the world.”  The GOP can be concise, but it needs to be concise early and often in the months ahead.

It is all about 2014, and if the GOP loses that election, and the check on the president, the next Inauguration will be grim indeed.


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