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The LA Marathon

Monday, March 20, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yes I finished, and thanks for asking. A whisper under 5 hours on the chip, a couple of minutes over on the clock. 25,000 plus runners and my finish in 7699 place was fine.

There were far too many USC ruuners on the course, wearing “Fight On” dry fit shirts. They ran like the Trojan band marches, all over the place without much precision. This obstructed many paths for many people until I figured out a solution. As I approached, I’d shout out “Vince Young,” and they’d all get out of the way.

Devine Sports has taken over the management of the LA Marathon (along with many others including the Salt Lake City Marathon, new Las Vegas Marathon, and the Chicago Half Marathon. It is an interesting niche, and the company managed an rapidly growing event very well.

The best part of the LA race is Students Run LA –an organization that takes thousands of kids, many of them “at risk,” and trains them for many months to compete in and finish yesterday’s race. There are hundreds of dedicated teachers who run with these kids and who are so far ahead of “above and beyond” that it doesn’t even make sense to use the term. Hats of to them and their young runners.

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