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The Knight Ridder Hit Piece on Judge Alito

Wednesday, December 7, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

If you haven’t heard of this Knight-Ridder hit piece on Judge Alito, then you need to read it and then you need to read the transcript of the interview I did with reporter Stephen Henderson, one of the two co-authors, which will be up at later.

This piece is a masterwork of agenda journalism, an exercise in cherry-picking that took me all of thirty minutes and a Westlaw-savvy research assistant to discredit.

Focus on just two of the charges made in the article, and reiterated by Henderson on C-Span on Tuesday, that Alito has a pattern of ruling hostile to blacks and women.

Henderson on C-Span:

‘I think for example that we didn’t find a single case in which Judge Alito sided with African Americans alleging racial bias, which I think, is again, rather remarkable. We found very few cases, maybe one or two, in which he sided with a woman in a gender bias case.’

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