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The Key Facts of the Medicare Debate

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Mitt Romney, left, and his vice presidential running mate Representative Paul Ryan, R-Wis., spoke at a rally Sunday in Mooresville, N.C.

Debating Bob Beckel on Medicare on Sean Hannity’s show Monday night, it became very clear to me how much Romney/Ryan benefits from this debate. It is easy to knock down the absurd claims and half-truths. President Obama and his apologists are betting on voters being stupid, and voters are not stupid especially where their own futures are concerned. Key points:

*The president has cut Medicare by more than $700 billion, and established a rationing board of 15 unelected bureaucrats which will make it harder and harder for seniors to get the care they want.

*Ryan’s plan guarantees that no one 55 or older will experience any change at all in their Medicare program and benefits. Romney’s plan will be different from Ryan’s but at least as careful to protect Americans who have planned on Medicare as part of their retirement.

*Because of Obamacare, seniors are already having trouble finding new doctors who will take new Medicare patients.

The New York Times and all other MSM outlets are not presenting these facts, but voters know them and are communicating them among themselvs and via sources as disparate as talk radio and Twitter, Fox News and Facebook. The fiscal crisi facing America is real and close at hand. The president is hoping no one will notice. That will not work. This electorate is fundamentally different than the one in 2008, and this media environment is as different from the one of four years ago as night from day.

All of the facts are against Obama/Biden, and Mitt Romney chose a running mate who is very, very accomplished at communicating these facts. Paul Ryan is a walking, talking 5-Hour Energy Drink of concise and compelling arguments about the future. The MSM ignoring those facts, calling him “radical,” are the Geoffrey Dawsons of our era, and even as Dawson campaigned in the Times of London against Churchill throughout the ’30s, so they are covering for a deeply disingenuous president and party. It won’t work. Your reading this post is itself an example of why it won’t.

For all of the key facts on every issue from Obamacare/Medicare to the debt and Iran, get a copy of The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall and Epic Fail of the Hope and Change Presidency. The smoking ruins of the Obama presidency are so vast that it is sometimes difficult to remember their particulars, but the Romney//Ryan campaign and especially the electorate will drive them home again and again by the time voting begins (on September 27 in Iowa, btw, and not long thereafter in many other early voting states.)

Thanks to Carol Platt Liebau for covering the last hour for me on Monday’s program, and thanks to Sean for having me on and Bob Beckel for demonstrating the futility of the Obama head-fake.

The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency



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