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The Keisler Nomination and Senator Frist’s Presidential Ambitions

Thursday, September 28, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

If the Judicary Committee fails to vote Peter Keisler’s nomination to the floor tomorrow, or if the full Senate fails to confirm him before leaving D.C. this weekend or early next week, I believe Senator Frist’s presidential ambitions will be significantly damaged, perhaps beyond repair.  It isn’t just that the seat Keisler has been nominated for is on the second most significant court, it would also be the Majority Leader’s failure to appreciate the importance of the courts to GOP primary voters, a blindness that has already crippled Senator McCain’s campaign. Further, Senator Frist has communicated to many people that he understood the importance of the Keisler nomination, and thus the failure to deliver a floor vote will in fact be a devastating judgment on his ability to lead the body.

If Senator Frist can’t get the Senate to address a crucial nominee, how can he expect to persuade voters that he cares about the judiciary?

The Majority Leader should keep the Senate in session until the Keisler nomination is voted on.


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