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The Kangaroo Congress and the Constitution

Thursday, March 18, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Rush may well be right that the Democrats’ spinning this morning disguises huge setbacks like the defection of previous “yes” vote Michael Arcuri to the “no” side, and that the vote might never occur.

But if it does and if it passes, here’s the complaint that will be among the first to be filed, courtesy of my friend Mark Levin.

As I discussed with John Eastman yesterday, the best strategy will be the quick filing of a challenge in every single circuit, and there are plaintiffs with standing galore. All summer long the House Democrats who voted for this will be treated to regular updates from the courts on their use of the “Slaughter Solution.”

If they move forward with this, their branding as the Kangaroo Congress of 2010 will be indelible.

Keep calling and e-mailing the members below, and sending contributions to the highlighted challengers.

And for a good assessment of how radical the tactics of the Democrats and how powerful a reaction is forming, from an MSMer not usually considered a friend of Republicans, read the transcript of my interview yesterday with Newsweek’s Howard Fineman.


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