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The Judiciary Committee

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From the Washington Post:

[Sen Specter] said “there’s a good chance” that Alito will spend more time before the committee than did Roberts, who faced 2 1/2 days of questions. But he said his plan is to conduct the entire hearing — including senators’ opening statements and outside witnesses — in one week, allowing the full Senate to vote on whether to confirm Alito by the end of January.

This is great. More time for every Democrat to embarrass themselves, though I look for Slow Joe Biden to out do his mangled baseball analogies and fractured logic big time as this time, folks will actually be watching.

I interviewed Arizona Senator and Judiciary Committee member Jon Kyl yesterday on the continued blockade of circuit judges in the committee:

HH: Let’s go back to judges, Senator Kyl. Why has Brett Kavanaugh been hung up? And why is Terrence Boyle not gotten a vote? I mean, I just can’t understand it.

JK: Well, first of all, they’re conservatives, and Patrick Leahy, whose the ranking Democrat, has tried very hard to keep more conservative nominees, especially for circuit courts, from being considered. The chairman, Arlen Specter, has had his hands full with a lot of other things. I think also that the Gang of 14 took a little steam out of the circuit court nominations process, and frankly, the administration has been so focused on the three Supreme Court nominees, that they haven’t pressed hard, either. So it’s a combination of circumstances, but we’ve got to get those two up for a vote, as you’ve pointed out.

HH: You know, when I went back, I read Senator Specter’s op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, when he was lobbying you and your colleagues to become the chair of Judiciary, and he promised 30/30/30 day process. Obviously, Kavanaugh was nominated in 2003. Boyle, I think in 2001.

JK: Right.

HH: Does Senator Specter feel any obligation towards the promises he made?

JK: Well, you’ll have to ask him that, which I will be doing, of course. But I’m going to assume that it is been the pressed of all of the other business, including the Supreme Court business, and that he still fully intends to move forward with alacrity as soon as Alito is confirmed on the 20th of January.

The United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit is the second most important court in the United States, and not just for governance issues for the vast federal bureaucracy, but also on a host of national security and First Amendment issues.

There are three vacancies on a 12-member court.

Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the court by the president in 2003.

It is the biggest frustration to judicial conservatives to see nominee abuse indulged this way, and a deep mark against Majority Leader Frist’s leadership to allow such a travesty.


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