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The Joy of Joe Biden

Tuesday, January 10, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Listening to Slow Joe Biden ramble through his first 2:45 will almost certainly be a highlight of Day 1 of the Alito hearings, full as it was of his grandfather Finnegan, Joe’s hatred of Princeton, the almost disclosure of what sounded like his son getting turned down by Princeton –how his son must have loved that, especially if he got in and turned Princeton down!– and his summary of Justice O’Connor’s jurisprudence. A bit into the monolouge I figured out that Slow Joe’s meme for the week would be “puzzled” and “puzzling,” and began to count his use of those terms, which is obviously intended to deflect criticism that Joe’s a mean-spirited, blinkered ideologue like Schumer, Leahy or Kennedy.

I just sent Joe flowers. Really. How could I not do so? He makes my job so easy, so full of smiles. I just left Duane, my producer the message, that he needs to grab the entire Joe audio, and to prepare one outakes of all of Joe’s many ahs, aaaahs, uhmms etc, but also a montage of his “puzzles,” “puzzleds,” and “puzzlings.”

The message read “Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you.”

Slow Joe Biden: A testament to the proposition that, truly, anyone can be a United States Senator.

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