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The JournoList Question

Wednesday, July 21, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Did any of the JournoList participants rebuke Spencer Ackerman’s suggestion that Fred Barnes or Karl Rove be made a target of a manufactured “racist” charge?

Ackerman will be carrying the burden of that despicable suggestion for the rest of his “career” such as it is, but it may even be worse to have been a participant in the list and to have said nothing when such an assault was proposed. Even if the “journalists” on the list hated Karl Rove as an extension of Bush and thus talked themselves into this repulsive group-think, many of them know for a fact that Fred is among the most decent and large-hearted of journalists. To have said nothing when a colleague or far worse, a friend, was nominated for the worst sort of slander is an extraordinary personal failure. Whether any of those who were party to it step forward to apologize will be interesting to watch.

As will the continued revelations about the individual participants, and the conclusions we will be drawing about MSM won’t be surprising except that all these years we will have been understating the deep intellectual corruption of the Manhattan-Beltway media elite.

I am on vacation this week and next –and thanks to Ed Morrissey, Carol Platt Liebau, Guy Benson and Mary Katharine ham who are sitting in for me on the radio show– and do not intend to post much during this time. But the big story is the JournoList story, not the NAACP story, though not surprisingly it is not receiving anything like the attention it deserves, at least not yet.

When Andrew Breitbart posted the NAACP video, he did not know it had been edited. Journalists who commented on the story did not know of the editing either.

But everyone on JournoList knew that Ackerman was proposing a Big Lie in the service of a political agenda –Ackerman admitted that himself– so they all stood by and said nothing. The only defense that any of them have is that Ackerman was an insignificant loon or that they missed his post, even though it appeared in the middle of the biggest story of the time period..

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