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The Jindal Briefing

Sunday, August 31, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The evacuation and preparation efforts in Louisiana are impressive, and the briefing by Governor Jindal that concluded a half hour ago should be required viewing by every public official who foresees ever having to conduct such a briefing. Lots and lots of information, delivered quickly so as to retain the attention of the audience, and concluded with a stern warning to get out combined with an offer to help the procastinators.

What was very useful was the governor’s specificity as to the threat and the worst case scenario. If you want to communicate peril, it is the details that matter. Nearly 2 million people have moved out. If the storm proves to be less destructive than feared, nothing but time and money have been lost. Hats off to everyone the governor thanked, and prayers for the safety of the public servants who are keeping watch on the emptied cities and towns.

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