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The Iraqi Police Force And General David Phillips

Wednesday, May 2, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

General David Phillips joined me by phone from Baghdad earlier today to give an update on the rebuilidng of the Iraqi police force.  The transcript is here.  The audio will be here later.  One intersting  milestonbe is approaching: The start of Iraqi Court TV:

When we stood up their entire criminal justice system, we stood up the police much faster than we stood up the court system, and then the correction system, although we’re catching up on that. General Petraeus’, one of his major initiatives, is our rule of law complex right here in Baghdad, to where we have the judges actually live, work, and they run their cases right there. And these are the judges that make the determination is there probable cause to hold this individual over, or do they kick them loose. Then, they would do their investigation and the follow up if they hold them over. And then transport them to either Badush prison, which can handle about 6,000 inmates up north by Mosul. We have several prisons that are down in this area, Rusafa being one of them, where they can handle, well, they’ll hopefully be able to handle up to about 8,000 by this summer when the construction’s done. So the entire triad of the criminal justice system is now starting to come online, and I think you’re going to see a lot more of this in the news very shortly, because one of the judges just made a ruling that he’ll start televising his cases, and we’re getting the cameras put into his courtroom right there at the rule of law complex, so that the Iraqis can see justice taking place.


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