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The Iraqi Minister of Defense: “I hate CNN.”

Tuesday, June 13, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma just returned from his 11th trip to Iraq. I concluded an interview with him moments ago which will play on the program tonight. Among the highlights:

The new minster of defense in Iraq, Abdul-Qadir Muhammed Jasim, told Inhofe: “I hate CNN.”


Rhode Island’s Lincoln Chafee is blocking Endangered Species Act reform. Steve Laffey’s campaign should grab the audio from when it is posted later and run it 24/7 in every market in Rhode Island. Lincoln Chafee has got to go.

In fact, the single greatest thing any proponent of ESA reform can do is contribute to Steve Laffey’s campaign. So long as Chafee stays in the Senate, property owners and farmers will never get a fair shake.

UPDATE: Re: Lincoln Chafee, see my interview this week in Human Events.

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