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The Instapundit on The Internet Year in Review: “Sith Traffic”

Wednesday, December 28, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Glenn Reynolds joined me to review the blogosphere’s record in 2005. One key observation among many from the Instapundit:

HH: How about the left side of the blogosphere this year, when it comes to politics? Has it grown wilder, or more responsible, Glenn Reynolds?

GR: Mostly wilder. It’s been interesting. Back before the 2004 election, Henry Copeland, who runs the Blogads network, and who is a really smart guy, said to me that if Bush loses, your blog traffic will more than quadruple in the coming year. But you probably won’t enjoy the sentiments that are unleashed. And of course, Bush won, and I think you’ve seen that happen to the left side of the blogosphere. Some of the lefty blogs have really grown in traffic, but it’s mostly pretty angry traffic. It’s Sith traffic. It’s dark side traffic. There’s a lot of anger there. And while I’ve been encouraged to see a few relatively moderate and sensible comments from the likes of Markos Zuniga of the Daily Kos, overall, I think that the lefty blogosphere has been sort of an anger focusing echo chamber that’s probably bad for the Democrats, if they want to win.

I wanted Glenn to stop talking at this point. No need to warn the left of the cliff they just sprinted over.

Read the whole thing.

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