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The Instapundit on 2008

Thursday, June 1, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Glenn Reynolds is interviewed by the blogger-aware Washington Examiner. Key excerpt:

Q In what ways will 2008 presidential candidates have to adjust their candidacy in order to win election, especially as compared to 2004? And is there a particular candidate you think will succeed in this area the most?

A I think that the 2008 election, even more than the 2004 election, will punish phonies and people who tell different things to different groups. You just can’t get away with that much anymore. Candidates will have to actually stand for something.

Who’s in the best position to capitalize on the Internet? Among Democrats, probably Mark Warner, whose views are closer to a majority of Democratic voters than the candidates favored by the activist ‘netroots”” Warner will be able to bypass both the party establishment and the Daily Kos and go directly to the more moderate voters if he’s smart.

Likewise, Rudy Giuliani ‘” seen by some as too liberal for Republican primary voters ‘” will have the opportunity to use the Internet to reach out to the large number of Republicans who actually support him, and get them to turn out for him in the primary. Again, that’s if he’s smart. So far, unlike Warner, he hasn’t show signs of tremendous Internet savvy.

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