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The Impeachment Possibility

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The host has analyzed the Cohen revelations and decided that impeachment is not happening.  His analysis, as best articulated on yesterday’s show, is that if the revelations are true a crime has occurred, but it does not rise to the level of “high crimes.”  I agree.  Can we be honest?  No Democrat that approaches this with any thought other than sheer and overwhelming spite of Trump wants Trump removed from office.  What does removing Trump from office accomplish?  President Pence.  It was not that long ago, as Governor of Indiana, that Mike Pence was the bane of every Democrat/liberals existence with a RFRA act they thought would end civilization, or something akin.  Removing Trump from office is out-of-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire for Trump’s political opposition.

But let us also remember what impeaching, but not removing, Bill Clinton accomplished – an end to his political effectiveness.  That the opposition desires more than almost anything else.  And so the host is also right in his prognostication of a Democrat controlled House bringing articles.  Such, even when the Senate is highly unlikely to remove the President from office, would be a politically astute move.  Therefore, for any Republican the smartest move right now is to get busy making sure the House stays in Republican hands.  You too, #NeverTrumpers.

This entire imbroglio is a big point for the #NeverTrumpers, but it does not change the essential math.  The questionable character that the President has evidenced aplenty is something those of us in the #ReluctantTrumpers camp have had to come to terms with.   Most of us would argue that we prefer good character over bad, but that we can work with less-than-stellar character.  However, less-than-stellar character comes with precisely the political risk that this episode is bringing forward.  I have argued that infidelity admitted is fairly easy to work with; that the problem is infidelity covered up, and that Trump has tended to be quite proud of his infidelities.  If in fact Trump has now engaged in cover-up, well his character is not quite what I thought but it is essentially little different than before these revelations occurred.  I also agree with the host that “the Clinton standard” was established long ago now, “Everybody lies about sex.”  But again, Clinton’s political effectiveness ended with the impeachment process – and that is the problem here.

The fact remains, if this November the House stays in Republican hands, articles will not come forward – effectiveness is maintained.  Of course, Dems will beat every Republican out there with that very fact.  On their side this will be a campaign of energy and passion built on scorn and distaste – the ridiculousness of the double standard notwithstanding.  We will have to match the energy and passion, but let’s build it on reason and a desire to move the agenda forward.  This is not the time for #NeverTrump “I told you so’s.”  This is a time to engage.


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