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The Hugh Census

Friday, April 9, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I started running the Hugh Census on today’s show and all next week, and you can participate via There are no required questions. Suggested questions:

Where do you live and how often do you listen?

How many people are in your house?

No, really, how many people?


Do Build-a-Bears count as residents?

Favorite guests on show?

Favorite guest host(s)?

Should we nationalize Mark Steyn?

How stupid is CNN not to have offered Mark Steyn a show?

Are you worried about the database?

Will Duane make it down Grizzly Falls 55 times on July 9?

All-time favorite Emmett movie list?

Congressman David Dreier is…

Congressman John Campbell is….

I have donated to thte following campaigns:

Hugh Hewitt Show sponsors I have patronized include:

I have purchased ___ oiiohh shirts.

My favorite intern is:

Segments to include on the 10th anniversary show:


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