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The Huge GOP Win

Wednesday, November 3, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The bottom line: The GOP won enormous victories in the House, the Senate and statehouses across the land, and lost at most three or four House seats and one governor’s mansion. The government-employee dominated redoubts of California, New York, and Maryland provided some small relief for the Democrats, but when the story of redistricting plays out the results will grow even more grim for the president’s party. Indeed, if the GOP claims either of the Colorado legislative chambers, the Republicans will be nearly gerrymander-proof because of the triumph of the redistricting initiative in California. By contrast, Democrats are looking at a redistricting nightmare in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Arizona and elsewhere. Which means you just have to chuckle at CNN’s headline spin from earlier this evening declaring the results a “Split Decision.” Yes, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer survived, but not one GOP Senate seat was lost, and the Obama agenda is repudiated and the battle over Obamacare, the tax cuts and the deficit has moved decisively in favor of conservatives while the 2012 map has been changed greatly to the president’s detriment.

The election of 2010 is a triumph of the center-right nation over the radical agenda of the left which was thrust upon it after the deceptive campaign of 2010. For starters, the Senate Democrats facing tough re-election campaigns in 2012 –John Tester, Sherrod Brown, Debbie Stabenow, Claire McCaskill, Ben Nelson, Kent Conrad, and James Webb– certainly understand what the verdict of the country was tonight even if MSM spins for the next 24 months. Watch and see how they vote on the extension of the Bush tax cuts in the months ahead.


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