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The Grim News From Israel

Friday, November 16, 2012  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt
IDF Tanks Massing

Mark Steyn and I found time to discuss the gathering storm in Israel and Gaza even if the White House press corps couldn’t find time in the president’s Wednesday press conference to touch on the first “hot” conflict Israel has faced with Egypt under the control of the Islamists in that country.

Bill Kristol has a very smart suggestion for the president, and the Weekly Standard’s Lee Smith continues his improtant analysis of events in the region, so keep checking back all weekend.

The American press seem by and large unaware that this show-down between the IDF and the Hamas terrorists is fundamentally different from those that have gone before because the nature of Egypt is transformed and thus the danger to Israel much, much higher than when Mubarak was in opposition to Hamas.

Here’s the summary of the IDF’s “bloggers’ briefing” from Yid with Lid. Don’t count on the Manhattan-Beltway media elites to keep you up to speed with what is happening on our ally’s southern border.

Or the White House or State Department for that matter. Commentary Magazine’s Jonathan Tobin talks bluntly about the dynamic imperiling the Egypt-Israel peace treaty right now, and it isn’t Israeli self-defense.

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