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“The Green Room”

Sunday, June 29, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Good fun on ABC this morning, though I suspect all of America turned the channel when Ralph Nader showed up after a very interesting exchange between Rahm Emanuel and Tim Pawlenty. Governor P. was at his usual, amiable best, and Congressman Emanuel was demonstrating, again, why he is the Dems’ best strategist –taking Obama’s biggest vulnerability which has been a series of enormous flip flops out of play by attacking John McCain for flip flops.

The panel conversation was spirited, and believe it or not I enjoy being with Arianna and have done so for years. Her attempt to turn me into fear-mongering by using my concern about Obama’s weakness on national security coming home to the U.S. very soon after his election if it occurs demonstrates real concern on the left’s part that Obama’s Achilles’ heel is the fact he is simply not credible on national security and homeland defense. Katrina’s also the real deal –a socialist through and through and an Obamian in the round. Byron York is the steady, always observant reporter and George S. did a fine job of moving it along. He and Chris Wallace will be waging a war for the Sunday morning show with the most influence over the next two years, and his willingness to book outside of the Beltway box was a good sign, and mixing partisans of the two candidates as opposed to “objective” MSMers in the tank for Obama was a refreshing change for Sunday morning talk.

ABC smartly has the roundtable participants continue the conversation in the Green Room afterwards, which can be seen here later when it is posted. We talk about turnout and enthusiasm levels on both sides, and you should give it a look.

And then you should get a copy (or five) of Letter to a Young Obama Supporter and get them in the mail to young voters who will need some excellent arguments if they are going to shift to McCain.

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