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The Great God Debate

Sunday, June 3, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

“The Great God Debate” is Tuesday, June 5.  The entire show will be given over to a debate between Christopher Hitchens, author most recently of god Is Not Great, and Dr. Mark Roberts, theologian, professor, pastor, New Testament scholar and author of many books including the just published Can We Trust The Gospels?

Dean Barnett sits in for me as I travel tomorrow and prepare for the conversation.  A show has 15 segments, and the first four of each hour will be given over to a proposition which I will put on the table and to which Hitchens and Roberts can respond and then cross comment or pose each other questions.  If you would like to suggest one of the propositions –there will be twelve in all, as I will give the last segment of each hour which is short for brief statements by both participants– you can send it to me at

UPDATEFor a Catholic’s take on Hitch’s credentials as a literary reviewer, see the Mahwah Literary Review’s latest post.

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