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“The Great Buck Howard”

Friday, April 10, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Dr. David Allen White doesn’t go to many movies, much less recommend them. In the nine years that DAW has been a regular guest on my radio show to discuss Shakespeare, Dante, and other “greats” as well as any topic related to faith and the culture, the recently retired professor at the United States Naval Academy has never suggested to the audience that it take in a movie in current release.

Until two weeks ago when he recommended that I and the everyone listening see “The Great Buck Howard,” which my wife and I did tonight.

Thank you, DAW.

“The Great Buck Howard” is a very fine film, and very touching. John Malkovich is, of course, wonderful and Colin Hanks and Emily Blunt are superb as well, and the many cameos are entertaining and surprising.

It is the story, though, that makes the movie –a tale of performing and aging, and the arc of fame in the era of fame. Dr. White is a magnificent performer, as listeners know, and so his enthusiasm for the movie would make perfect sense even if it wasn’t a gem.

But it is, and you should see it this weekend, confident that everyone in the party will be very pleased and eager to discuss it long after the credits roll.

And if you know an actor or any sort of performer, from the smallest classroom to the biggest stage, urge them to see “The Great Buck Howard.”

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