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The Great Blog Migration: Blogs I Would Like To Recruit

Thursday, July 6, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I’d like all bloggers to make the move to, and if you do –or if you set up a new blog– please list and hyperlink in the comments.

But there are some I’d love to have make the switch asap, icnluding of course all those on my blogroll (lower right column –scroll down– and some heavy hitters though not necessarily as prolific as others, including:

Blue Crab Boulevard

The Futurist, (ht Daniel Drezner  for sending me to “The Winds of War” post by the Futurist) and


My Sandmen.


Election Projection.

And many, many others.  (Listeners to the radio show will be pleased to know Yoni is busy setting up shop here.)

I don’t expect bloggers generating net revenue from their sites to make the migration (emphasis on “net” as we don’t charge) but I do think it will generate traffic for blogs and of course we aren’t charging for hosting.  If you grow your traffic and decide to go independent, we will wish you well.  The point of is to help the center-right organize, persuade and grow.  Especially if you have never blogged a sentence in your past, now is the time to start and to e-mail your family and friends the news.

If you are encountering any set-up problems, please post a note explaining them below.Perhaps the staff or some other blogger  can come to your assistance in response.

We gave the other side a few years head start  –so they have a sort of political Mordor up and running, captained by Kosputin.  (Its a joke.  They aren’t our enemies, only our opponents.)

But already we have greater traffic by far than they do, and a much deeper bench with much greater attractiveness because of the disciplines which we adopt when attempting to persuade. 

So, spend some time today and join us.  Bring the archives along later if necessary.

And be sure to tell us you are here.

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