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“The Government Plan” and the End of American Medicine As We Know It

Sunday, June 7, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The New York Times reports this morning that President Obama is going to throw himself into the “debate” on the radical restructuring of American medicine underway on the Hill.

Except that there hasn’t been any “debate” to date, just a giant head-fake that kept the GOP, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies frozen while the Obama/Pelosi/Reid march towards a “government option” (which means single payer which means rationing and interference with a patient’s choice of doctors and care) was positioned for a summer jam down.

The Times also provides an overview of what a “government option” means, and it means skyrocketing costs at the start and an almost certain takeover of the entire world of medicine very quickly thereafter. The GM precedent is obviously applicable: What Team Obama can gain control of, it takes control of. Political power advances through the control of many, not fewer, entities.

If doctors were to demand a stop to the “government option,” it would quickly disappear, but the AMA has been silent, and doctors are too often too busy to even notice the steamroller headed their way. The list of “Blue Dog Democrats” below, complete with contact information, is where local doctors ought to begin to lodge their protests. In another eight weeks, it will be too late.

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