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The GOP’s Selective Shutdown Option: Forecast, Force and Finish

Sunday, January 16, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The House Republicans have returned from their annual retreat and their legislative work begins this week.

My Washington Examiner column urges them to lay out in detail exactly what seems inevitable at this moment, which is a selective shutdown of the federal government when the impasse over spending arrives. The sooner the Speaker and his team begin to lay out how the necessary cuts have to be made and the sooner the Republicans oblige the president to abandon Obamacare and the EPA’s enormous power grab while rolling discretionary spending to 2007 levels the sooner the country’s economic recovery can take root and grow.

When the Congress reconvenes on Tuesday, the Republican majority should be distributing an outline of when they expect the budget and the appropriations bills to be sent to the Senate. of course any schedule can slip, but without a map, you cannot get get the destination.

Since a collision with the president is inevitable, every day between now and then is a day that has to be spent at least in part in carefully education the public on the very serious choices that have to be made.


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