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The Goings-On In Minnesocold

Sunday, July 3, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Very odd year that so much political drama is coming out of Wisconsin and Minnesota, states best known for the NFL teams.

Like the convulsions that shuddered though the Badger State earlier this year, the show down over the shutdown under way in Minnesota is also a national story played out on a state stage.

Politico’s James Hohmann provides some of the background, but after you read through that outline, dig into John Hinderaker’s “A Tale of Two Shutdowns” over at Powerline.

Hinderaker’s bottom line:

Dayton’s claim that the legislature didn’t want to spend enough money will resonate only on the far left, given that the nine bills appropriated more money than Minnesota has ever spent in any two year period. But put that fact to one side: it is simply indisputable that the legislature appropriated funds for parks, roads, schools, drivers’ license bureaus, etc. If those agencies have shut down, it is solely because of Governor Dayton’s vetoes. In this context, for the Democrats to claim that Republicans somehow shut down the state’s government is ludicrous.

Though John seems a bit pessimistic about the public’s assignment of culpability for the Minnesota fiasco, I think the public’s appetite for larger government has decreased so dramatically in the past four years that the GOP in the Gopher State in in D.C, will be rewarded for standing firm against public profligacy if they just but make the case again and again that the Democrats want to spend money that isn’t there and which can only be printed, borrowed, or extracted from the private sector.

The stand-off on spendinbg reminds me that days remain to get your entry in for the $100,000 Powerline prize. The details are all here.


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