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The Globe’s Romney “Scoop”

Tuesday, February 27, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Somebody passed on a Romney campaign strategist’s power point to the Boston Globe’s Scott Helman, and an interesting article resulted.

But the story tells us much more about the Globe than it does about one set of suggestions forwarded to Romney.

The paper gives us a link to one slide from 77, thus not delivering on its primary mission of informing the public.  Rather than putting the presentation out there for the readers to peruse, the paper wants us to believe that Scott will faithfully summarize the contents.

The paper wants its reporter to be the trusted intermediary of the news, but by filtering the story, the exact opposite effect is achieved:  The paper loses credibility rather than gaining reputation for delivering news.

Who made the decision not to publish the 77 slides?  What were they thinking?  When will the paper figure out that a news organization’s job is to deliver the news, not its reporter’s view of the news?


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