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The Globe’s Romney Obsession

Tuesday, December 4, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Mitt Romney fired his lawn care company today after discovering that it had continued to employ illegal aliens after he had received the company’s assurance of conforming its hiring practices to the law.

Romney has done the right thing, and it will not impact his campaign at all, especially in this week of “The Speech.”  (See Geraghty The Indispensable’s commentary on the timing of “The Speech.”)

But I should point out again, as I did when the first story broke, that the Boston Globe hates Romney and has gone to extraordinary lengths to hurt him, including staking out his house for the past three months to get this story.

Quick, as I have noted before, find the story on the illegal aliens working at one of the five Kerry homes from the 2004 campaign.  It isn’t there of course.  The Globe didn’t stake out even one of Kerry’s homes.  The paper didn’t even press him to release his military records.

The Globe, like most agenda journalists in the MSM, go to great lengths to hurt Republicans and cover for Dems.  We saw that in the two CNN YouTube debates, and we see it again in the Globe’s coverage of Romney and Kerry.

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