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The Global Warming Divide Between Romney And McCain

Wednesday, January 30, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The long exchange between McCain and Romney on global warming is a crucial moment in this debate and campaign: McCain-Lieberman is a massive regulatory program which would greatly burden the American economy. It would tax energy in a regressive and lasting way, and as Romney points out, would drive huge numbers of jobs off-shore without measurably reducing greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

Conservatives: “Cap and trade” would be the greatest expansion of the federal regulatory authority in the past half-century. John McCain’s certainty about the causes of global warming and the solutions put him far outside the mainstream of the GOP.

UPDATE: Bravo to Janet Hook for pointing out that when John McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts, he used class warfare rhetoric to explain his votes.

UPDATE: “No amnesty.” “No special pathway.” Second mention of the Z Visa. Mitt Romney draws a big line between himself and McCain. Are conservatives watching?

McCain: “We are all in agreement on what we want to do.” That’s just not true. The more the debate stays on immigration, the worse it is for McCain, period.

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