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The Fujita Scale

Wednesday, September 21, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

How dangerous is Rita?

E-mailer Jeff writes from Sacrmento:

Hi Hugh,

Great show today, thanks!

Your listeners may be interested to know that the windspeeds in a Category 5
Hurricane are comparable to the windspeeds in an F3 (Severe) Tornado.

The “F” stands for the Fujita Scale, developed in 1971 by Dr. Ted Fujita at
Univ of Chicago, in which an F3 Tornado has wind speeds from 158 – 206 MPH.
In a “Severe” tornado, there is severe damage including roofs and walls
torn off well-constructed houses, trains overturned, most trees in forests
uprooted, heavy cars lifted off the ground and tossed around, and weak
pavement blown off roads!

At sustained wind speeds of 165 MPH, Hurricane Rita is basically a 100-mile
wide F3 Tornado. Stay on message: tell everyone to get out ASAP.

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