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The Friends Of Barack Obama: “This Is The Pool He Swims In.”

Wednesday, April 23, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Here’s the transcript of Mark Steyn responding to some of the 2007 Ayers-Dohrn audio. Key Steynism:

Well, you know, I think this is where Obama is really off the charts. Most Americans, including most Democrats…I mean, I would be stunned to hear a New Hampshire Democrat talk like that. We have a Democratic governor in my state at the moment, and he’s a conventional Democrat in many ways, which is to say he doesn’t go along with this idea that being, having the great privilege to live in the United States of America means you’re living in the belly of the beast. I mean, this is simply the worst kind of hateful anti-Americanism, and this is where Barack Obama lives. This is the pool he swims in.

Here’s James Lileks on Ayers’ “French Revolution” mutterings from last year:

[Ayers] standing up there and quoting Chou En Lai about how we have to wait and see how the French Revolution turns out. Well you know what? We know how the French Revolution turned out, and we knew pretty quickly how it turned out, that it’s a really bad idea to completely upend a civilization by violent means, kill everybody in the old order, establish an anti-clerical terror, and devolve into the modern terror state, which has been replicated with varying degrees of success, decades and centuries hence.’s Mike Allen on why the 2007 Dohrn-Ayers audio matters: “Because it undercuts Senator Obama’s, one of Senator Obama’s defenses, which is that Bill Ayers’ outrageous statements were made when he, the Senator, was in elementary school.”

Looks like the attention on Ayers-Dohrn is just starting. The full John Kass column is here.

Powerline will be posting more of the 2007 audio today.

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