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The Feagler Award Unveiled

Sunday, December 11, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

So why am I writing this? It’s because I’m worried. And I worry about how little some of you value that morning newspaper out on the driveway in the snow.

That’s from the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Dick Feagler this morning, who also asserted:

A lot of blogs are preposterous. But more and more people read them and think they are true.

This must be a lot like the panic that swept the monastaries when Guttenberg opened up shop.

In honor of Mr. Feagler, I am conducting a year-end contest. Please send me a link to your nominee for the dumbest thing written about blogs this year. The inaugural Feagler Award will be announced before year-end, with links to the runner-up entrants.

Links can be sent to me at

UPDATE: No, I didn’t intentionally misspell his name in the original post, though “Fleager” would make a better award than “Feagler” if you ask me.

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