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The Father’s Day Book List

Wednesday, May 30, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Father’s Day approaches and you haven’t made a move in the old man’s direction.  Never fear, here are five books to save the day.  Order today and they will arrive in plenty of time.

I assume you have already purchased A Mormon In The White House, a book so incredibly prophetic about the course of Campaign ’08 that a few folks have taken to calling me Hughstradamus. If you haven’t already equipped dad with this tome, well, you know what to do for the man who has guided you in this life.

If your father already has my work and loves American history, then send him Bill Bennett’s second volume in his America, The Last Best Hope two book set. Fresh and full of the vigor that marks great history, Bill loves the story and tells it with passion.

Your pop is also certain to love Michael Barone’s latest, Our First Revolution: The Remarkable British Upheaval That Inspired America’s Founding Fathers.  America’s preeminent political analyst turns his sight to the politics of 1688, and the history lover will be fascinated.  Your dad will also think you are pretty bright to have spotted Barone’s latest early on.

If your dad loves to laugh while thinking, order him Andrew Ferguson’s Land of Lincoln, which Publisher’s Weekly called an “original, insightful, disarmingly funny book,” and which I call brilliant and even profound.  I don’t know how to recommend it in any more complimentary tones than to say that if my dad were alive, I’d send it to him. 

Finally, if your dad has any whimsy in him at all and is born around 1951 –say from ’46 to ’64– send him Bill Bryson’s Life and Times Of the Thunderbolt Kid.  He will laugh and laugh.  What better gift could you give?

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