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The “Famously Genial” Mitt Romney

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There, in the first sentence of today’s Washington Post story by Philip Rucker and David Fahrenthold is one of the keys to Romney’s fall campaign and his beating Barack Obama:

On Wednesday, the famously genial Mitt Romney sent his fellow Republican candidates a steel-hard message.

The message Romney sent doesn’t matter, but what does matter is the description offered up above-the-fold by a duo of MSMers who would shrink from any description that suggested they were pro-Romney or even pro-GOP: “famously genial.”

Now who does that sound like? Certainly not President Obama. The “famously genial” Barack Obama doesn’t roll of the tongue. It can’t, because he isn’t. The president is petulant, arrogant, dismissive of his critics, needlessly combative and usually and almost casually condescending. The president is so uncongenial that his best political strategy in the past year has been to stay out of sight.

As the Post reporters admit in passing –an admission against interest the Evidence professors would say– is that the former Massachusetts governor is quite a different personality. Romney is cheerful, upbeat, engaging and indeed more than a little square. A lot square, in fact. Courteous to a fault, reluctant to slash and burn, though occasionally showing a flash but only a flash of anger.

This has disappointed some GOP voters, who want a very combative personality to launch a series of unrelenting attacks at the president, attacks that will say what they feel about the president’s condescension towards the people for whom he works, which will be just as divisive as the president has been, just as cutting, just as condescending.

That’s not the way of the “famously genial” generally, and it isn’t the way of Romney. It is also not the way to defeat a sitting president, no matter how great a failure and no matter how obvious the president’s incompetence.

In the weeks leading up to the vote in November, it is a far, far better thing to be the “famously genial” Romney than the “angry, defensive and clositered” president.

Thanks to Mr. Rucker and Mr. Fahrenthold for providing the citation for what will not doubt be a common refrain on my show from now until November: “As even the MSM has recognized, Mitt Romeny is quote famously genial close quote while the president again shows his angry side, his sense of frustrated expectation and privilege.”

How did “famously genial” ever get by the editors? Because it is the truth and they didn’t even pause to question its assertion as a fact. A Washington Post lede worth bookmarking, that one.

And Romney’s best guarantee of deep reservoirs of geniality? As the photo above and below shows, grandchildren.

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