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The Fall Debates

Sunday, January 6, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Based on tonight and last night –the closest format we have seen to what we will see three times in September and October– which of the GOP candidates would match up best with Senator Obama?

A close election will almost certainly turn on those face-offs.

Which of the Republicans would you feel most confident of (1)knowing the issues, (2)scoring some points, and (3)not making a horrendous blunder or emotional outburst?

Republican voters have not sat down to watch a debate with confidence in their presidential candidate in that setting since the first 1984 debate between President Reagan and Walter Mondale –a confidence that evaporated though it came roaring back in the early part of the second debate.

With both Presidents Bush and with Bob Dole, debates were perilous moments when the odds-makers always assumed the GOP candidate would lose. That of course didn’t always happen, and W actually trounced Gore.

But it would be a great change to enter those high-stakes showdowns with rhetorical talent on our side.

So, who do you think that GOP candidate is?

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