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“The Evolution of God” by Robert Wright and “When Athens Met Jerusalem” by John Mark Reynolds: The Debate

Friday, August 7, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I taped next Tuesday’s show tonight. It is an extended debate/discussion between Robert Wright and John Mark Reynolds. Wright’s new book, The Evolution of God, is a riveting “history” of god from the perspective of a post-modern journalist.

The Evolution of God

John Mark Reynolds is a professor of philosophy at Biola University and the author, most recently, of When Athens Met Jerusalem: An Introduction to Classical and Christian Thought.

When Athens Met Jerusalem: An Introduction to Classical and Christian Thought

It was an exhausting, contentious but very entertaining two-hour conversation –which translates into three hours on the radio. I am posting this note early as you may want to have a copy of both books handy when we start the show next week, though all the specific page references are to Wright’s new best-seller.

The conversation gets heated, but unlike the works of the “new atheists” –Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens– Wright’s history of faith tries hard not to insult believers, though of course it does. Reynolds, a brilliant and ebullient Christian philosopher, is the perfect contrarian to the dominant post-modern assumptions so elegantly on display in Wright’s work.

Don’t miss it. And Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, if you’d like such a debate on air, send me an e-mail at I’ll find the appropriate sparring partner.

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