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The Enquirer Smear

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Another day, another smear, another knockdown.

The support for Sarah Palin grows with each attack upon her integrity, and with each bit of trash talk from media elites, no matter where they sit on the political spectrum There’s a firestorm all right, but it is consuming MSM credibility –or what little was left of it.

UPDATE: A just arrived e-mail:


Twenty years ago, I was a young attorney, near the top of my class, looking for a job in a major city. One interview I had was indicative of many I had. During the interview I was asked whether I would have children and how would I be able to work with children (mind you this came from an attorney in a large corporate legal department). Having to stand up to this man on the issue of federal employment law resulted in me not getting the job. Now, I’m hearing it again with Governor Palin – attacks that she can’t do the job and have children. I thought by now we would be past this nonsense.

It surely energizes women like me, who thought we had long-ago dealt with the issue that women could do the job. Liberals believe that women should be seen and not heard, especially those who think for themselves.

Warm regards,


UPDATE: Another e-mail:

THAT TEARS IT!! I believe nothing in the press anymore and I don’t care if they report that Palin was seen at the scene of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping. I’m voting for the ticket.other e-mail:

Another e-mail:

Dear Sir:
I am mad as hell to the treatment the media and so called fair minded democratic are giving Sarah Palin. No man in my 57 memory has every been treated this way, ever.
Isn’t there a song about a woman bringing home the bacon and putting in the pan!! And taking care of the family?? That is what Sarah Palin is doing.
Being the mother of 3 grown daughters we were faced with the same dilemma as her daughter. Our solution at the time was an open adoption. Abortion was out of the question. It was a win for my daughter and a win for babe who is living in a loving home.
All I can say is ” you go, girl!” This is the first year I will contributing for a champaign ever.


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