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The Elephant In The Room

Thursday, January 24, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Look at all the GOP polls in Florida.

After 24 years in the Congress, thousands of hour of MSM exposure, a presidential campaign in 2000 and a keynote at the 2004 Convention, plus tens of millions of dollars in ads, John McCain’s highest support number is 25% and his lowest is 18%.

The GOP rank-and-file know John McCain, admire his heroism, and reject his politics and record.

The idea that he is a “front-runner” is absurd. He should be the front-runner. He should be sweeping all before him. Instead he is trying to cobble together an inside straight, which tells us that he is a phenomenally weak candidate.

The Arizona maverick is the candidate of the MSM, pure and simple. The MSM is powerful, but powerful enough to overcome three-quarters of the GOP electorate and force a second Bob Dole campaign on the party?

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