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The Disclose Act: Another Assault On The Constitution

Thursday, June 24, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Disclose Act is the focus of today’s show and a text poll is part of the conversation. The bill narrowly passed the House today, and it declares winners and losers when it comes to speech –the worst sort of viewpoint discrimination wherein the Congress is deciding whose speech is more valuable than others. Sadly the NRA joined in this charade, a shock to many of its members and to many who have always thought the organization valued the entire Constitution.

So I am asking everyone, but especially NRA members today: Do you think this bill survives First Amendment scrutiny?

If you think the Act is an unconstitutional assault on free speech, then text the letter “A” to 77569.

If you disagree with me and think the Act does not violate the First Amendment, text the letter “D” to 77569.

If you are neutral or undecided, then text “N” to 77569.

I will keep updating results here on the website.

Here’s a background piece on the Act by Kim Strassel.

For the latest on the Disclose Act, check the Chamber’s website on the bill.

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