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“The Digital Title Wave”

Saturday, December 4, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I noted yesterday that review copies are both a great bonus but also a bane of the world of broadcast. They are a great bonus because you stumble across an amazing array of books you might never otherwise encounter. The downside is the fact that even book lovers can be overwhelmed by the numbers. My friend Ted Savas of Savas Beatie LLC, a great independent publisher, pointed me to their year end report and the news that one of their accomplished goals “was to digitize our book line for use on the various digital platforms, including Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader, Nook, and so on.”

“I am proud to say,” the report continued, “that in conjunction with our distributor, we have submitted roughly 85% of our titles for transition. By the time the calendar turns, we will have all our books available for digitization up and running through a host of sales channels. This is a real benefit to everyone, and we are all proud to say that Savas Beatie is far ahead of the curve when it comes to independent publishing and the oncoming digital title wave.”

Would that everyone in publishing get there soon. Some books have to be read between covers, but not many, and the digital title wave is already here.


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