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The Defeatists Take Center Stage In The House

Monday, February 12, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

This is the week the House has set to encourage the enemey in Iraq.  The Los Angeles Times, ever precise, predicts between 30 and 60 Republicans will vote for the Democrats’ white flag resolution.

The reimagining of November’s vote into a demand for retreat and defeat continues.  After the Senate showdown and the appearnce there of sufficient numbers of sturdy Republicans willing to refuse to allow retreat to become Congressional policy, the debate in the House matters only for the clarity it will bring to our knowledge of the GOP caucus.

We already know that the Democrats are the party of retreat and defeat in the war.  Now we will discover how many Republicans are with them.  And I suspect that if that number is anywhere near the “30 to 60” predicted by the Times, the effort by the National Republican Congressional Committee to interest the party’s base in retaking the House will be dead before it begins.  As with the pledge about the NRSC, I won’t be supporting any Republicans indifferent to the effect of these resolutions on our enemy and our own troops.

The Victory Caucus opened today, and watching the House debate should make for a vigorous debate among its members.  If you believe in winning the war, sign up at the Caucus.

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