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The “Deemed Defeated” Democrats

Monday, July 5, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

My column in Tuesday’s Washington Examiner predicts that the public will not much care for the Nancy P’s budget ruse.

Dems are trying to hide the end destination they are headed for. The vast tax hikes already scheduled for 2011 (HT: Powerline) are just the beginning of the president’s attempt to push the country into a permanent high tax, lower growth mode. The budget ruse of last week was another attempt to keep the public’s eye off of the fiscal meltdown that has been underway for 18 months, a meltdown that hasn’t and cannot bring real job growth because Obamanomics strangles real economic growth.

The damage the president is doing isn’t limited to the American economy. Mitt Romney writes in today’s Washington Post about the disaster that is the new START treaty. There will be a show of solidarity with Israel this week, but will the president rebuff NATO member Turkey’s attempt push Israel into a corner on the flotilla?

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid “leadership” team has put the country in a tough spot, but one from which recovery is both possible and in fairly rapid order if the Bush tax cuts are extended and if enough serious senators arrive in D.C. in January to block the worst of the Obama foreign policy agenda.

I listed November’s key Senate races on Saturday and will review them again on today’s program and most programs between now and November. The choice facing the country in November is already stark and well understood, and all the word games Nancy Pelsoi can cook up won’t change the fundamentals even a little bit.

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