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The Debate

Tuesday, October 9, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Giuliani and Romney win, going away.

On the economy and trade, taxes and optimism, Romney has the edge, but he miffed the Iran question.  As I discussed on the show with Rick Santorum, most of Romney’s answer on whether military action against Iraq required Congressional approval, was very good.  The talk of lawyers –probably a fumbled reference to when and if the War Powers Act applies, but you couldn’t really tell– was not his finest hour, but also not the huge deal that some want to make it out to be.

Romney’s Michigan-specific references underscore the roll-out of his campaign.  The former Massachusetts’ governor drilled into the woeful state of the Wolverine State’s economy, its crushing tax burden, and his roots as a son of Michigan.  That’s a shrewd dual use of the debate format –advancing his national image while supporting his plans to win in Michigan after the Iowa and New Hampshire contests.

Fred Thompson is just flat.  Period.  And the perpetual frown isn’t going to win anything.

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