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“The Death of Conservatism” and the Death of Seniors, ACORN, and Obamacare. And Questions For Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo.

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Off to Denver for a health care debate tonight with University of Colorado Law Professor Paul Campos and a couple of fundraisers for my pal Tom Lucero, who is running to get back the 4rth District Congressional seat from Democrat Betsy Markey.

The second and third hours of today’s program will be an interview of New York Times Book Review editor Sam Tanenhuas about his new book, The Death of Conservatism.

The Death of Conservatism

The book has sparked some tough reviews from conservatives such as John Podhoretz and Peter Wehner, but it needs to be read and replied to head-on, especially its assertions about the collapse of the intellectual force of conservatism. The transcript of our conversation will be posted here later today and the podcast here.

I am opening a thread at the Hughniverse on the interview as well.

Don’t miss the transcript of my conversation with Senator Jon Kyl in which he bluntly states about the various versions of Obamacare that “Senior citizens ought to be extraordinarily fearful of all three of these bills….Seniors should be deathly afraid, and I use that phrase advisedly.” Defenders of Obamacare routinely object to such language as scare tactics, and I routinely reply that seniors should be very sacred of Obamacare –it will dramatically reduce the benefits of medicare while raising the costs of Medicare Advantage. Seniors especially should be using this link to get the key list to call and demand Congressional Democrats and the president stop their assault on older Americans. Print off some copies of the list and give them to your friends, especially those who are internet-challenged.

Seniors and everyone else fearing Obamacare should also be contributing to the and the –the most effective way of sending an unmistakable message to Congressional Democrats that their jobs are in peril if Obamacare passes –even if they engineer a face-saving “no” vote for themselves. Democratic senators who vote either for cloture or who support the use of reconciliation to jam down a bill will also figure out that the public is now so well wired that those ruses won’t protect them from voters angry with their complicity in passing Obamcare.

Finally, after last night’s San Diego ACORN tape, the idea that the organization can investigate itself should be risible. At this point its brand is permanent, and the only question is how much damage it will do to other Democrats. Right now New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and California Attorney General Jerry Brown are in the hot seat: Will they do nothing while this obvious scandal goes uninvestigated int heir states? will no doubt have more tonight, but if MSM needs some remedial journalism lessons, they might want to ask the two highest profile law enforcement officials outside of the DOJ what, if anything, they are going to do about the ACORN hustlers in their states.


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