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The Curse of the Photo Op President: “Millions Stuck In Dark, Cold”

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Everything he touches turns to, well, mud.

From the first month’s promise to keep unemployment below 8% and drive it to 5.6% by now, to the Stimulus, Obamacare, Egypt and Libya, Fast & Furious, the csars and his EPA –on and on and on. It all just falls apart.

Glance at the front page of the New York Post or take a quick look at Drudge. President Obama’s reverse Midas touch is at work again. “Millions Are Stuck In Dark, Cold,” is the headline at The Wall Street Journal. Sort of a forecast of an Obama second term should Mitt Romney’s momentum halt and turn back.

The good news is that Romney maintains his lead in the key polls and his momentum in the key states like Ohio, Iowa and Colorado. Romney is extending the map to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and Paul Ryan is even doing a drop by in Minnesota (though that cathces some key Wisconisn markets as well.) Don’t be troubled by junk polls like Quinnipiac and Marist. That is what they are, junk, and they pollute the averages that include them. Stick with Rasmussen, and Gallup when it resumes.

Mostly, though, trust the electorate. Everybody knows the score here. Everybody understands the election is between a failure who promises more of the same and a good, competent, serious man with a record instead of glossies on which to run, a record of successful turn-arounds.

Charles Krauthammer nicely summarizes the choice ahead of the country in his new Washington Post column. It is quick and to the point. Two very different paths.

My confidence in Romney is actually my confidence in the country. The angry Obamians who tweet out invective on a 24/7 basis are just the remnant of the vast Obama battalions of four years ago. Napoleon’s army retreating after a four year winter of the reality of Euro-style enormous government and deficits. As Reagan swept in to make all good again in 1981, so Romney will arrive in January.

I hope the good people of New York and New Jersey can hold it together until then when the curse of the photo op president is broken. The 15-minute promise has already been broken, again and again, just like the commitment to our men in Benghazi and to countless allies and friends around the world.

Voters know. The left thinks the president got a bounce out of his fly-over with Chris Christie. A “dead cat” bounce perhaps, but most Americans get the whole picture and know what he can and cannot do, and are increasingly reminded of his many big promises of the past. The the Katrina standard is at work already.

“Winter is coming” is the motto of the Starks in Game of Thrones. If Obama some how snatched a second term, we could all borrow the phrase.


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