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The Courage to Withstand Elite Opinion’s Blandishments?

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Radioblogger has begun the posting of all the Miers-related interviews from today’s show, with critics and supporters alike. If you are interested in the nomination, I think you will enjoy these exchanges.

Of all the criticsims of Harriet Miers out there, the three that most grate are (1)the charge that she is a “crony,” a necessarily deeply derogatory charge that carries with it the undeniable assertion that the target is not qualified for the job he or she holds, and lacks integrity for holding the job for which the unqualification is so manifest; (2)the charge of Hruskaism –that Miers is a mediocre non-entity, and (3)that Miers lacks the spine to resist “the pressure to grow” from D.C. liberal elites.

I cover all of these subjects with former Associate White House Counsel, Deputy Assistant Attonrey General and Miers colleague Noel Francisco (transcript at Radioblogger), and with Beldar, who had already written on charges one and two. But three deserves a particular response.

The folks who work at the White House don’t talk about it much, but there’s a reason why all the offices in the OEOB are empty now –they can’t be protected from attack all that well. That’s just a reminder that 1600 Pennsylvania is the number one Islamist target on the planet, just as it was a target on 9/11.

Harriet Miers has gone to work in the White House without pause since 9/11, an act of no little courage in itself. Courgae is not itself a qualification for SCOTUS, but it does suggest a character that isn’t in danger of being bent by fashion.

And it is also a reminder that the snarkiness of some of the attacks of Miers and her background –and especially the charge of cronyism– are ill-considered at best, and ought to be withdrawn.


K-Lo suggests that my description of as the ground zero of ant-Miers opposition is “a little much,” though she admits to some problem denying the label given Rod Dreher’s post on the next Bush nominee being Barney.

If not, where? Just scroll down the entries.


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